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Podrid's Real-World ECGs - Volume 5: Narrow and Wide Complex Tachyarrhythmias and Aberration
ISBN: 978-1-935395-05-8, 355 pages, Soft Cover
ISBN-10: 1-935395-05-X
Edition: 1st
Copyright: 2016
Author: Podrid, Philip, MD; Malhotra, Rajeev, MD, MS; Kakkar, Rahul, MD; Noseworthy, Peter A., MD
Specialties: Cardiology
Publisher: Cardiotext Publishing
List Price: $89.00

At A Glance
Volume 5A: Core Cases presents 61 case studies to allow students to sharpen their skills in reading ECGs and diagnosing both narrow complex tachycardias (originating in the sinus node, atrium, or AV node) and wide complex tachycardias (ventricular, supraventricular with aberration, and pacemaker associated). Each case offers one or more ECGs that illustrate various causes of aberration, highlighting features that help to establish its etiology. Additional cases for further study and practice are available in a separate digital edition, Volume 5B: Practice Cases.This title includes an access code for an accompanying website with ebook version.
Expert Review
Kevin Ergle,  M.D.  (Ochsner Clinic Foundation)
This is a comprehensive overview of narrow and wide complex tachyarrhythmias.
The purpose is to expand upon ECG basics, with a focus on differentiating narrow and wide-complex tachyarrhythmias and aberrant conduction.
The target audience is clinicians, and the book is most helpful for electrophysiology or cardiology fellows.
The book opens with a brief review of relevant tachyarrhythmias and physiology. It then uses a series of core cases to work through examples of arrhythmias and uses diagnostic principles of ECG to differentiate tachyarrhythmias. The book builds well, starting off with cardiac physiology underlying ECG principles, followed by case examples to enable readers to work through the cases to build foundational knowledge. Using a blend of written descriptions and pictorial examples helps to reinforce foundational principles.
This book helps readers learn more about an arrhythmia quickly. The cases present real-world examples of ECGs, along with patients presenting with symptoms, in an effort to link diagnostic clues using ECG with clinically relevant symptomatology.
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